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Our Online Store operates on the principles of holistic healing, maintaining the quality that consumers expect in each product. Check out our product list and start shopping #OffGrid!


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Our number one focus is to help you get reconnected with your soul, to bring you #OffGrid and free you from the chemicals & toxins in your day to day life. OffTheGrid Mother brings you selfcare, inner healing, and naturally sourced products to get you reconnected with your soul.
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About OffTheGrid Mother

OffTheGrid Mother started as a dream in 2018 and came into fruition in 2020. The goal of OffTheGrid Mother is to not only educate, but also reconnect souls through holistic healing, metaphysical, and self care products.
Our philosophy is simple. Everything we sell is sold with the purpose of encouraging you to do further healing. Shop with OffTheGrid Mother today!

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New Age Spirituality

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